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Streamline Painting and Epoxy offers excellent quality services in the residential, commercial, and industrial applications throughout West Michigan and beyond. Our 15+ years experience gives us the ability to provide our customers with competitive pricing, high caliber craftsmanship, and completely satisfied customers. Our services range from complete industrial factory painting to applying a decorative epoxy finish to your garage or basement concrete floors. Streamline is an owner operated company that deals directly with the customer cutting out the middle man to avoid miscommunication. We pay close attention to detail to ensure our customers will be 100% satisfied. We offer a wide range of coatings and have the ability to work within our customers budgets. Customer referrals are available upon request if you would like to view our work and talk to customers that we have done business with. Please browse our website to read more about our services.


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Epoxy floor coatings include solid color, color flakes, color granules, color micas, and metallic. Each coating serves the same purpose, to beautify and protect the concrete. Our systems provide a safe, clean, aesthetically appealing flooring solution. Decorative epoxy has continually gained popularity because of their unique ability to deliver seamless cleanliness, stain resistance, unrivaled durability, slip-free safety and endless design possibilities. We install high quality materials that can only be installed by certified professionals. Complete customization is an option with decorative epoxy. Company and sports logos, borders, and blending colors, sizes, and broadcast media offer a great way to make your floor unique to other decorative epoxy floors. We also offer a 10 year craftsmanship warranty on all decorative epoxy flooring. One day installations of our systems are also available.

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Basements, Bathrooms, Game Rooms, Garages, Locker Rooms, Man Caves, Offices Lobbies, Patios, Pool Decks, Walkways, Wet Bar and Wine Cellars.

Cleanable, Customized, Decorative, Durable, Economical, Flexible, Inlays, Logos, Renewable, Safe / Nonslip, Seamless and Themes.


Many old concrete slabs have large cracks, divots, pock marks, and have become unsightly and nonfunctional. Through the use of the same materials used by the DOT on roads and bridges we can resurface the concrete to bring it back to life. Resurfacing your concrete is a great lower cost alternative to complete replacement. Any decorative concrete system can be applied to the resurfaced concrete to add beauty and added protection.


Streamline has the ability, knowledge, and resources to give any factory a complete face lift including ceiling and wall painting, epoxy production and aisles, safety striping, and color coding of pipes for easy identification. We understand that time equals money, especially in a factory environment where production is vital to the company. We are extremely flexible to meet the needs of a factory. We can work around the clock, weekends, and holidays to meet crucial deadlines so production is not interrupted. Painting of a factory can brighten the environment to improve production and employee morale. Streamline also offers the painting of production lines and shop machinery.

New construction is a fast paced environment that requires any contractor to be in and out and leave quality work in its wake. Through the use of organized crews and spray equipment we can accomplish day to day goals to keep the project on track for the next trade.

Residential painting requires a lot of attention to detail and a steady hand. We offer all interior and exterior painting whether your home is brand new or an existing home in need of a new skin. Other residential applications may include fine finishes on painted trim, staining and polyurethane on custom woodwork, and a decorative concrete finish to your garage and basement.


It doesn't take long for Mother Nature to fade your deck to a dull silver gray, or for shaded areas to be the host for mold and mildew. With the use of cleaners to kill the mold, brighteners to bring the wood back to life and open the pores, and staining we can make your deck look new. Solid color stain, semi-transparent stain, and toners are available to revive and protect your wood deck.

Ipe decks are the longest lasting wood decks available. Ipe is an exotic hardwood harvested in South America. If properly finished and maintained they can offer the beauty of a hardwood floor. It takes knowledge and understanding of the wood and products to keep the appearance of a hardwood floor. We have stripped down and refinished decks that have been improperly maintained with outstanding results.

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Through the use a new technology of two component coatings known as polyaspartic coating. Decorative concrete floors can be installed in a single day. All types of decorative epoxy can be installed in one day due to the rapid cure of the polyaspartic coating. Garages can be emptied in the morning and put back together that night. Like epoxy this product can be applied in closed areas such as basements or occupied areas such as a car dealership. 


Solid color epoxy is available in nine standard colors. Solid color is the most cost effective way to seal the concrete and provide a cleanable surface that gives off a great shine. Custom colors are also offered in select materials that can be tinted in store

Color Flakes are a great way to give the appearance of granite to any concrete floor. Color Flakes are available in 150 colors that can be custom blended, or choose a stock blend, both available in six different sizes. Color Flake floors have a orange peel texture to help with slip resistance.

Color Granules are colored quartz available in two sizes. Color Granule floors are very impact resistant due to the combined hardness of the epoxy and the mineral itself. Color Granules are perfect for pool decks due to the nonslip surface they provide.

Color Micas make resinous floors glisten with natural crystalline beauty. These unique flakes are derived from natural minerals in the earth. Color Micas provide a natural metallic luster to epoxy floors that are often found in granite countertops. Color Micas can also mixed in with Color Flakes to add a little something extra to the floor.

Metallic epoxy gives a unique almost three dimensional look coupled with metallic luster given off by the light reflective nature of the product. Metallic epoxy can be applied as a single color or two toned to give a unique look that cannot be reproduced on any floor. The depth and look of the floor naturally transforms over the first couple hours of the curing process.

Staining your concrete is a great low cost solution to bring an old worn out concrete floor to life. It is also a great way to protect new concrete from deterioration from aging and use. We offer different systems from acrylics to acid based stains. Stains can be mottled or two toned to give the concrete the appearance of stone. Applying a sealer will bring the concrete to life giving it a deep rich look with a little depth.
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